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Garage Doors Seals

Garage door seals, also known as garage door weather stripping or garage door bottom seals, are essential components used to seal gaps and prevent the intrusion of weather, debris, pests, and moisture into a garage space. These seals are designed to enhance the energy efficiency, security, and overall functionality of garage doors. Below, we explore the features, types, functions, and significance of garage door seals: **Features and Composition:** 1. **Material:** Garage door seals are typically made from various materials, including rubber, vinyl, neoprene, or other elastomers. The choice of material depends on factors such as climate, durability requirements, and the specific application. 2. **Design:** Garage door seals come in different designs, but the most common types include bottom seals, threshold seals, and perimeter seals. Each design serves a specific sealing function. 3. **Attachment Methods:** These seals are often designed for easy installation, either by adhesive b